2023 Laveña Luxe Interiors Web Development.

Laveña Luxe Interiors stands out as a newcomer to the world of artisanal drapery, seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with modern design. Entrusted with establishing a digital storefront for this esteemed drapery business, I set out to design and develop a website that truly mirrors the sophistication and bespoke service Laveña Luxe Interiors delivers. This project was geared towards capturing the brand’s essence, highlighting its dedication to quality, artistry, and custom interior solutions. The endeavor transcended mere web development; it was about intricately crafting a narrative for Laveña Luxe Interiors, inviting clients into an immersive experience of interior luxury. The project required a thorough understanding of the brand’s vision, the expectations of its clientele, and the nuances of fabric art. The outcome—a beautifully designed website—creates an engaging online presence for Laveña Luxe Interiors, reflecting the exclusivity and personalized elegance of their bespoke drapery offerings.
Dr. Chris Eugenio of Lifetime Vision Care
Lavena Luxe Interiors Web Demo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Logo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Team
Lavena Luxe Interiors Project by Austin Allie
The Lifetime Vision Care Office located in Austin, TX
Dr. Chris Eugenio of Lifetime Vision Care
Lavena Luxe Interiors Web Demo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Logo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Team
Lavena Luxe Interiors Project by Austin Allie
The Lifetime Vision Care Office located in Austin, TX

Project Overview.

Project Title

2023 Laveña Luxe Interiors Web Development


Web Developer and UX/UI Designer


December 2022 – February 2023


Laveña Luxe Interiors

Elegance in Design.

Lavena Luxe Interiors Project Demo 2
The Laveña Luxe Interiors website speaks to my dual expertise in graphic and UX/UI design. The site’s color scheme centers around a muted lavender palette, thoughtfully chosen for its association with the brand’s identity and its calming, luxury connotations. This choice sets a sophisticated backdrop that enhances the light, airy imagery used throughout the site — imagery that seamlessly evokes the elegance and fluidity of high-end window treatments and draperies. Each element is artfully placed to not only grab but retain the attention of interior designer clients, promising them a visual and navigational experience that mirrors the bespoke beauty and craftsmanship of Laveña Luxe Interiors.

Project Objectives.

Solution Statement

In response to the unique challenge presented by Laveña Luxe Interiors, a distinguished artisanal drapery business in Austin, TX, the primary objective was to create a digital platform that not only showcases their exquisite craftsmanship and design but also seamlessly bridges the gap between luxury interior solutions and prospective clients. Leveraging the sophisticated capabilities of Webflow, the aim was to construct a bespoke online presence that reflects the brand’s artisanal essence and commitment to luxury, while providing an immersive, intuitive user experience. This digital endeavor was envisioned as a holistic solution to elevate Laveña Luxe Interiors’ market positioning, engaging customers in a narrative of elegance and bespoke beauty.


Showcase Artisanal Craftsmanship: To vividly highlight the exceptional craftsmanship and unique designs of Laveña Luxe Interiors, setting them apart in the luxury interiors market.

Elevate Brand Presence: To develop a web presence that mirrors the sophistication and bespoke nature of Laveña Luxe Interiors, enhancing brand recognition and appeal among a discerning clientele.

Optimize User Experience: To deliver an unparalleled online experience through intuitive navigation and engaging content, facilitating an effortless exploration of services and products.

Enhance Online Visibility: To implement targeted SEO strategies, ensuring that Laveña Luxe Interiors stands out in a competitive digital landscape, attracting more traffic and potential leads.

Streamline Customer Journey: To integrate e-commerce functionality with a focus on a seamless, secure shopping experience, encouraging online inquiries and sales of bespoke drapery designs.

Reflect Brand-Client Synergy: To ensure the website’s design allows for coexistence with featured interior brands, promoting a harmonious visual experience that encourages brand partnerships and collaborations.

Custom Preloader.

Lavena Luxe Interiors Project Demo 2
Seen here is the custom preloader of the Laveña Luxe Interiors website, featuring the brand’s distinctive lavender icon, a thoughtful homage to the founder, Lilye Lavender. Designed with sophistication, the icon gracefully emerges through a rounded arch shape — a deliberate and artful nod to the elegant window treatments that Laveña is renowned for. This minimalist yet profound design choice not only encapsulates the essence of the brand but also conveys a sense of luxury and exclusivity. The arch, symbolizing both an entryway and a window, invites viewers into the world of Laveña Luxe Interiors, promising an experience of beauty and craftsmanship.

Process & Implementation.


The strategic approach for the Laveña Luxe Interiors project was centered on delivering a bespoke web experience that embodied the brand’s luxury and artisanal values. Initial stages involved deep dives into the brand’s identity, client expectations, and market positioning. Collaborative workshops with Laveña’s founder, Lilye Lavender, helped to align vision and goals, setting a clear path for the website’s aesthetic and functional blueprint. The strategy was multifaceted, focusing on showcasing craftsmanship, optimizing user engagement through intuitive design, and enhancing the brand’s digital visibility. By integrating SEO from the outset, the strategy also ensured the site’s content would resonate with both search engines and the target audience, driving traffic and engagement.

Tools & Technology

WordPress and Divi Builder: Chosen for their flexibility and design capabilities, allowing for the creation of a custom, responsive website that matches Laveña’s luxurious brand identity.

Adobe Creative Suite: Utilized for designing high-quality visual assets, ensuring the site’s visuals were both captivating and in line with brand aesthetics.

Coda: Served as the central hub for project planning and documentation, enabling seamless organization and tracking of the project’s progress.

Google Suite: Facilitated collaboration across the project team, ensuring efficient sharing of documents, schedules, and feedback.

Zoom: Essential for maintaining clear and consistent communication with the team, stakeholders, and collaborators, enabling productive meetings and check-ins throughout the project.

Team & Collaboration

The creation of the Laveña Luxe Interiors website was a concerted effort that harnessed the talents and insights of a dedicated team. At the helm of the project collaboration was Laveña’s founder, Lilye Lavender, whose vision and passion for artisanal drapery guided the website’s creative direction. Working closely with Lilye, I aimed to translate her brand’s ethos into a digital format that spoke directly to her audience’s desires for luxury and exclusivity. Freelance photographer Shelby Kettrick played a pivotal role, capturing the essence of Laveña’s products through stunning imagery that became a cornerstone of the website’s visual strategy. This collaborative synergy not only ensured that the website authentically represented Laveña Luxe Interiors but also leveraged each team member’s expertise to create a digital presence as meticulously crafted as the brand’s draperies.

Lead Collection Strategy.

SEO Research and Implementation for My Portfolio
This image captures the contact form designed in collaboration with Lilye Lavender, serving as a pivotal tool in her business's lead collection strategy. Engineered to optimize user engagement and conversion rates, this form is a testament to how intelligent design and strategic placement can significantly enhance online business operations. By simplifying the user experience while capturing essential information, the form ensures that Lilye stays connected with her audience and effectively grows her customer base. This approach not only reflects advanced digital marketing practices but also underscores the importance of integrating technical expertise with user-centered design to drive business success.

Outcome & Results.


The primary deliverable of this project was a bespoke, fully-functional website for Laveña Luxe Interiors, tailored to showcase the brand’s artisanal drapery and interior design services. Featuring a seamless integration of e-commerce capabilities, the site is enriched with high-quality imagery provided by Shelby Kettrick, offering visitors a visually immersive experience of Laveña’s exquisite product range. Additionally, the site incorporates intuitive UX/UI design, optimized content for SEO, and a mobile-responsive layout, ensuring accessibility and engagement across all devices.


Enhanced Brand Visibility: Improved search engine rankings and increased web traffic, attracting a wider audience to Laveña’s offerings.

Elevated Customer Engagement: Higher rates of online inquiries and a noticeable uptick in e-commerce transactions, indicating a stronger connection with the target market.

Positive Feedback: Acclaim from both new and returning customers on the site’s aesthetic appeal and user-friendly navigation, affirming the site’s alignment with the brand’s luxurious image.


This web design project for Laveña Luxe Interiors, a premier custom drapery artisan, emphasized the importance of a cohesive brand strategy that mirrors the company’s core values and aspirations in the luxury market. Deep collaboration with key stakeholders was crucial to authentically capturing the essence of Lavena Luxe's identity. We leveraged cutting-edge tools and technology to effectively bring this creative vision to life. The project also highlighted the importance of flexibility and adaptability, allowing us to respond effectively to the evolving needs of brand development. This approach ensured that the website not only showcased their exquisite craftsmanship but also resonated deeply with their high-end clientele.