2023 Lifetime Vision Care Web Development.

For this web design project for Austin, TX-based optometrist office, Lifetime Vision Care, I aimed to redefine the digital presence of a leading eye care provider using WordPress and Divi’s dynamic design tools. This effort was driven by the need to enhance the brand’s online visibility and patient engagement through superior UX/UI design. My goal was to create an intuitive and accessible website that not only showcases Lifetime Vision Care’s services but also facilitates easy patient navigation and interaction. By integrating my expertise in interface design, web accessibility, and visual aesthetics, I developed a site that embodies medical professionalism and a patient-first approach. This project underscores my commitment to blending design elegance with practical functionality, crafting a digital platform that serves as a seamless gateway for patient care and information.
Dr. Chris Eugenio of Lifetime Vision Care
Lavena Luxe Interiors Web Demo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Logo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Team
Lavena Luxe Interiors Project by Austin Allie
The Lifetime Vision Care Office located in Austin, TX
Dr. Chris Eugenio of Lifetime Vision Care
Lavena Luxe Interiors Web Demo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Logo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Team
Lavena Luxe Interiors Project by Austin Allie
The Lifetime Vision Care Office located in Austin, TX

Project Overview.

Project Title

2023 Lifetime Vision Care Web Development


Lead Web Developer, UX/UI Designer, & Photographer


March 2023 – June 2023


Lifetime Vision Care


Lavena Luxe Interiors Project Demo 2
The design of this site intricately weaves the lead doctor’s favorite color – teal – throughout while also utilizing blurring and semi-transparent effects to subtly echo the focus on vision care. This design strategy ensures that the site not only engages but educates visitors on eye health, while maintaining a visual harmony that allows optical brands featured on the shop to shine. The careful balance between the website’s aesthetic and the need for brand coexistence creates a seamless user experience, where healthcare elegance meets optical retail in a thoughtfully curated digital space.

Project Objectives.

Solution Statement

The project aimed to elevate Lifetime Vision Care’s digital landscape, focusing on a patient-centered online platform that enhances accessibility, engagement, and care delivery. Addressing the need for a modern, intuitive website, the initiative sought to merge aesthetic appeal with functional excellence, catering to both existing and prospective patients’ needs.


Elevate Design Aesthetics: Craft a contemporary, professional online presence that embodies trust and aligns with our brand identity.

Refine UX/UI for Superior Navigation: Ensure intuitive site navigation, enabling quick and easy access to essential information.

Strengthen Data Security and Compliance: Exceed HIPAA standards with advanced security measures, ensuring patient data protection and trust.

Boost Engagement and Broaden Accessibility: Adopt responsive design for universal device compatibility, enriching engagement with interactive and informative content.

Enhance Patient-Provider Communication: Integrate effective communication tools for streamlined, supportive interactions between patients and providers.

Elevate Online Visibility through SEO: Utilize leading SEO techniques to improve our site’s discoverability, attracting more visitors and promoting eye care awareness.

Optical Solutions..

Lavena Luxe Interiors Project Demo 2
I integrated an advanced optical glasses feature on the LVC website, showcasing a curated selection of premium brands and allowing patients to conveniently preview frames before their office visit. This methodical e-commerce approach enhances the customer/patient experience by merging digital convenience with personalized care. By enabling patients to explore and select frames at their own pace, I was able to streamline the decision-making process and ensure a more efficient and satisfying visit. This feature not only reflects LVC's commitment to innovative patient care but also positions them at the forefront of the optometry field in Austin, TX, leveraging technology to better serve our patients and optimize their journey to perfect vision and allowing them to compete with big chains such as Warby Parker and Zenni.

Process & Implementation.


The strategy centered around a thorough analysis of Lifetime Vision Care’s digital needs and patient behaviors, followed by a phased design and development approach. Emphasis was placed on user-centric design principles, ensuring the website’s structure and content strategy were aligned with patient needs and preferences.

Tools & Technology

WordPress: This versatile CMS allowed for efficient content management and updates, providing a user-friendly interface and reliable support.

Divi Builder: With its robust visual design capabilities, Divi Builder enabled the creation of custom layouts and interactive features, minimizing the need for extensive coding.

Adobe Creative Suite: I employed this suite to produce custom graphics, edit photos, and design unique assets, all of which significantly boosted the site’s visual appeal.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: These core web technologies were crucial for customizing the site’s appearance and functionality, enhancing user experience and interaction.

Google Analytics: Integrated to monitor visitor behavior and engagement metrics, this tool offered essential insights that guided ongoing enhancements to the website.

SEO Tools (Yoast SEO, Google Search Console): These tools were used to optimize the website’s content and structure for search engines, improving visibility and organic search performance.

Responsively: This tool ensured that the website was optimally displayed across all devices, providing a consistent and seamless viewing experience.

Team & Collaboration

Collaborating closely with Dr. Jennifer Khahn, Dr. Chris Eugenio, and the Lifetime Vision Care team was integral to the success of their website. Utilizing Zoom for regular meetings and Google Drive Suite for seamless sharing and collaboration on copy and design elements, we ensured a cohesive creation process despite geographical distances. This virtual teamwork was complemented by a crucial in-person visit to their Austin, TX office. There, I gathered unique photos and assets, capturing the essence of their practice. This blend of remote and direct collaboration facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas and resources, resulting in a website that truly reflects the spirit and professionalism of the Lifetime Vision Care team.


SEO Research and Implementation for My Portfolio
In developing the branding strategy for Lifetime Vision Care, I chose a palette of teal and light aesthetic tones, thoughtfully selected to emphasize the clarity and precision of vision care. The use of teal, a color often associated with tranquility and health, not only resonates with the serene experience we wish to convey but also stands out in visual contrast, mirroring the clarity we strive to provide our patients. This strategic use of contrasting colors not only enhances brand recall but also subtly underscores the core values of Lifetime Vision Care—precision, clarity, and dependability. The thoughtful aesthetics of our branding reflect a deep understanding of how visual elements can influence perception and communicate a commitment to excellence in vision care.

Outcome & Results.


A fully redesigned website for Lifetime Vision Care featuring enhanced UX/UI design, improved accessibility, and an engaging patient interface. Additional deliverables included a responsive design framework, SEO-optimized content, and a comprehensive web accessibility report.


Boosted Patient Interaction: Notable growth in online appointments and inquiries, mirroring enhanced patient engagement and accessibility.

Elevated Web Presence: Advanced search engine positions and a surge in site traffic, a direct result of strategic SEO practices and compelling content.

Affirmative Patient Reactions: Significant positive feedback from patients praising the website’s user-friendliness, visual appeal, and functionality.

Streamlined Clinic Operations: More efficient internal workflows and heightened staff efficiency, thanks to updated standard operating procedures and content management solutions.


This project reinforced the importance of a patient-first approach in healthcare web development, highlighting the impact of UX/UI design on patient engagement and satisfaction. I deepened my understanding of web accessibility standards and their critical role in inclusive design.