2024 Personal Professional Portfolio Redesign.

I developed a digital portfolio to highlight my expertise in web design and user experience, using WordPress and Divi to showcase my design work and philosophy. This project reflects my commitment to aesthetics and UX/UI principles. My goal was to create an engaging portfolio that not only showcases my projects but also provides an intuitive and memorable user experience. Through careful design, incorporating layout, color theory, and interactivity, I created a visually appealing and user-friendly portfolio that effectively displays my work and dedication to accessible digital experiences.
Dr. Chris Eugenio of Lifetime Vision Care
Lavena Luxe Interiors Web Demo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Logo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Team
Lavena Luxe Interiors Project by Austin Allie
The Lifetime Vision Care Office located in Austin, TX
Dr. Chris Eugenio of Lifetime Vision Care
Lavena Luxe Interiors Web Demo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Logo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Team
Lavena Luxe Interiors Project by Austin Allie
The Lifetime Vision Care Office located in Austin, TX

Project Overview.

Project Title

2024 Personal Professional Portfolio Redesign


Web Designer, Strategist, & Developer


March 2024



Sleek Simplicity.

Lavena Luxe Interiors Project Demo 2
A comprehensive overview of my personal digital portfolio design brand sheet which embodies an austere, minimalist aesthetic that embraces a monochromatic black and white color scheme. The design is meticulously crafted to project a streamlined, sophisticated, and unequivocally professional brand personality, resonating with the essence of New York minimalism. The strategic choice of a monochromatic palette is not merely a nod to one of my earliest muses – New York City – but serves a dual purpose. It also acts as a neutral canvas, allowing recruiters and potential collaborators to effortlessly envision how their brand and colors could harmoniously integrate with this personal professional "brand." This thoughtful approach underscores a keen design sensibility, ensuring that the portfolio not only showcases exceptional design skills but also exemplifies a deep understanding of brand synergy and the versatility required to succeed in diverse creative environments.

Project Objectives.

Solution Statement

In today's digital landscape, a standout personal portfolio is essential. I created an online portfolio to showcase my expertise in web design, UX/UI, and graphic design, using WordPress and the Divi builder. This portfolio is more than a collection of projects; it's an engaging digital experience that offers visitors insightful overviews of my work and my design philosophy. Designed for both aesthetics and usability, it ensures intuitive interactions and makes a lasting impression. My goal was to craft a distinctive online presence that reflects my professional identity and attracts potential clients and collaborators.


Showcase Professional Work: To present a carefully curated selection of my projects, highlighting my capabilities in design and development, and my ability to drive results through innovative solutions.

Reflect Personal Brand: To create a portfolio that embodies my unique design style and professional ethos, making my online presence unmistakable and memorable.

Enhance User Experience: To employ best practices in UX/UI design, ensuring the portfolio is not only visually appealing but also user-friendly, facilitating easy navigation and interaction.

Optimize for Engagement: To design the site with engagement in mind, encouraging visitors to explore my work in depth and contact me for collaboration or inquiries.

Implement Responsive Design: To ensure the portfolio performs flawlessly across all devices, providing an optimal viewing experience whether accessed via smartphone, tablet, or desktop.

Leverage SEO Best Practices: To optimize the portfolio for search engines, increasing visibility and attracting a wider audience of potential clients and collaborators.

Communicate Design Philosophy: To articulate my design philosophy and approach, allowing visitors to understand the principles and values that guide my work.

Facilitate Professional Growth: To create a platform that not only highlights my current achievements but is also scalable, allowing for the addition of future projects and testimonials.


Lavena Luxe Interiors Project Demo 2
The core of my portfolio’s design is a grid-based structure that balances a minimalist aesthetic with functionality. This strategic layout is the backbone of a seamless user experience, guiding visitors through the site with carefully aligned elements and visually coherent sections. By embracing a grid system, I ensure unparalleled ease of readability, allowing content to be not just seen but truly experienced. This deliberate approach to UX/UI design highlights the pivotal role of structured layout in creating intuitive digital environments.

Process & Implementation.


I strategically developed my online digital portfolio to showcase my professional skills and design philosophy, ensuring an optimal user experience. The project began by identifying key objectives, such as engaging potential clients and demonstrating my expertise, while reflecting my unique brand identity. My approach included conducting market research to discern trends and best practices, allowing for a distinctive offering. I curated content that accurately represented the diversity of my skills and carefully planned the user journey to ensure intuitive navigation and accessible design. This was aimed at minimizing bounce rates and maximizing engagement. I created detailed design mockups and prototypes to visualize the layout and user interactions before development. Throughout the process, I integrated feedback from peers and mentors to refine and improve the portfolio. Additionally, I implemented SEO best practices and optimized the portfolio’s performance across devices to enhance discoverability and user experience. This comprehensive strategy has been pivotal in creating a portfolio that not only effectively displays my design capabilities but also strategically engages viewers.

Tools & Technology

WordPress: This flexible content management system (CMS) allowed me to efficiently manage and update content, providing ease of use and robust support.

Divi Builder: With its powerful visual design capabilities, Divi Builder enabled me to create custom layouts and interactive elements, significantly reducing the need for extensive coding.

Adobe Creative Suite: I used this suite for creating custom graphics, editing photos, and designing assets, all of which significantly enhanced the visual appeal of my portfolio.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: These foundational web technologies were essential for fine-tuning the site’s appearance and functionality, ensuring a customized user experience and engaging interactions.

Google Analytics: Integrated to track visitor behavior and engagement metrics, this tool provided valuable insights that informed continuous improvements to the portfolio.

SEO Tools (Yoast SEO, Google Search Console): I utilized these tools to optimize the site’s content and structure for search engines, aiming to boost visibility and organic reach.

Responsively: This responsive design testing tool ensured that my portfolio delivered a seamless viewing experience across all devices.

Navigating SEO.

SEO Research and Implementation for My Portfolio
As seen in this infographic, I begin the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process by harnessing the analytical power of Semrush for in-depth keyword research, identifying terms that align with user intent and competitive dynamics. This foundational work paves the way for strategic planning in Coda, where tasks are meticulously organized for clarity and collaboration. Implementation unfolds on WordPress, blending front-end engagement with back-end efficiency—content is enriched with targeted keywords, while site architecture is optimized for search engines and user experience alike. My approach is a holistic blend of research, strategy, and technical savvy, aimed at propelling websites to their optimal visibility and performance.

Outcome & Results.


The primary deliverable for this project was the creation of a sophisticated, fully-functional online digital portfolio. This bespoke website, tailored to my professional and aesthetic standards, showcases a curated collection of my design work, encapsulating my expertise in web design, UX/UI, and graphic design. Features of the portfolio include an intuitive navigation structure, responsive design for optimal viewing on all devices, SEO optimization to enhance visibility, and interactive elements that engage visitors and encourage exploration of my work.


Increased Professional Visibility: The portfolio has significantly boosted my online presence, attracting attention from potential clients, employers, and collaborators.

Positive Feedback: I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback on the design and usability of the website, which has been gratifying and affirming.

Engagement Metrics: Analytics show improved engagement metrics, including longer visit durations and a lower bounce rate, indicating that visitors are finding the content compelling and relevant.

Opportunities and Networking: The portfolio has opened new doors for professional opportunities, networking, and collaborations, contributing to my career growth.


Building my online digital portfolio from scratch was not only a showcase of my skills and creativity but also an invaluable learning journey, teaching me several key lessons. Thorough planning and strategic thinking were essential for a cohesive and effective final product, highlighting the importance of planning. Incorporating feedback from various sources was crucial in refining the portfolio and ensuring it resonated with my target audience. I gained deeper insights into the importance of SEO and the power of analytics, which are instrumental in measuring success and identifying areas for improvement. This project reinforced the idea that a digital portfolio is an evolving entity, requiring continuous updates and optimizations. It challenged me to apply my knowledge innovatively, critically evaluate my work, and clearly articulate my professional narrative. This endeavor has been a pivotal step in my career, not only showcasing my achievements but also setting a foundation for future growth and exploration in the digital space. It reaffirmed my passion for design and technology and my commitment to excellence in my professional endeavors.