2023 Laveña Luxe Interiors Brand Development.

This brand development project was an opportunity to craft a distinct brand identity for an artisanal drapery company that merges traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. This initiative went beyond visual aesthetics, aiming to imbue every facet of the brand with the essence of Laveña Luxe Interiors. It involved defining core values, and creating a cohesive design and marketing strategy that accurately reflects the brand’s commitment to quality, artistry, and bespoke interior solutions. Delving deep into what makes Laveña Luxe Interiors unique was crucial for establishing a solid brand foundation. It ensured that Laveña’s identity not only conveys luxury and sophistication but also positions the brand as a leader in the custom interior design industry. The result is a compelling brand strategy that sets Laveña apart in the luxury interior market, ready to captivate and charm its target audience.
Dr. Chris Eugenio of Lifetime Vision Care
Lavena Luxe Interiors Web Demo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Logo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Team
Lavena Luxe Interiors Project by Austin Allie
The Lifetime Vision Care Office located in Austin, TX
Dr. Chris Eugenio of Lifetime Vision Care
Lavena Luxe Interiors Web Demo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Logo
Laveña Luxe Interiors Team
Lavena Luxe Interiors Project by Austin Allie
The Lifetime Vision Care Office located in Austin, TX

Project Overview.

Project Title

2023 Laveña Luxe Interiors Brand Development


Design & Marketing Strategist


December 2022 – January 2023


Laveña Luxe Interiors


Lavena Luxe Interiors Project Demo 2
This infographic reflects the meticulous research undertaken to understand Laveña Luxe Interiors’ target demographic in Austin, TX. This comprehensive approach ensured that every element of the Laveña brand — from its visual identity to its brand voice — was finely tuned to the specific lifestyle and values of its audience.

Project Objectives.

Solution Statement

The aim for this project was to sculpt a brand identity that perfectly encapsulates the essence of luxury, craftsmanship, and modern elegance that Laveña represents. The solution involved creating a comprehensive brand strategy that seamlessly blends traditional values with contemporary design aesthetics, ensuring Laveña Luxe Interiors emerges as a distinguished name in the artisanal drapery and luxury interiors market. This strategy was meticulously designed to resonate deeply with high-end clientele, establishing a memorable brand presence that elevates Laveña’s market position and sets a new standard for artisanal interior design.


Establish a Distinct Brand Identity: Craft a unique brand identity that visually and emotionally connects with the target audience, distinguishing Laveña Luxe Interiors in the luxury market.

Develop a Cohesive Visual Language: Create a suite of visual brand assets, including logo, color palette, and typography, that reflects the brand’s luxury and artisanal essence.

Formulate a Targeted Content Strategy: Develop a content strategy that effectively communicates the brand’s narrative, values, and services, optimized to attract and engage Laveña’s ideal clientele.

Enhance Market Visibility: Employ strategic marketing to increase brand awareness and visibility, ensuring Laveña Luxe Interiors becomes synonymous with luxury interior solutions.

Build Customer Connection and Loyalty: Foster a strong emotional connection with customers through storytelling and personalized experiences, laying the groundwork for lasting customer loyalty and advocacy.


Lavena Luxe Interiors Project Demo 2
This image unveils the carefully curated brand guide sheet for Laveña Luxe Interiors, a testament to the artistry and precision behind the brand’s visual identity. The guide showcases a soft, elegant color palette that evokes the luxurious textures and serene ambiance associated with Laveña’s bespoke drapery. Each hue has been selected for its ability to convey sophistication and warmth, mirroring the tactile experience of fine cloth. The incorporation of window-shaped imagery further anchors the brand’s aesthetic in the realm of custom window treatments, symbolizing openness, light, and the transformative power of well-crafted drapery. This brand guide is a reflection of my dedication as a professional brand graphic designer to embodying the essence of Laveña Luxe Interiors in every visual element, ensuring that the brand resonates deeply with its audience while highlighting its specialization in creating beautiful, personalized living spaces.

Process & Implementation.


The foundational strategy for this project was built on a collaborative, iterative process aimed at creating a brand identity that resonates with luxury, elegance, and the unique artistry of Laveña Luxe Interiors. The approach began with in-depth discussions with Laveña stakeholders to deeply understand the brand’s vision, values, and the story they wished to convey. This initial phase was crucial for aligning the project goals with the brand’s essence. Subsequently, a phased strategy was adopted, focusing on market research, competitive analysis, and target audience identification to ensure the brand development was data-driven and targeted. Each step was designed to refine the brand’s messaging and visual identity, ensuring a seamless bridge between Laveña’s artisanal heritage and modern design aspirations.

Tools & Technology

WordPress: Chosen for its flexibility and scalability, WordPress served as the foundation for building an engaging and responsive website that aligns with Laveña’s brand identity.

Divi Builder: Utilized for its intuitive visual interface and customization capabilities, Divi Builder enabled the creation of unique web pages that perfectly mirror the aesthetic and functional requirements of the Laveña brand.

Adobe Creative Suite: A critical toolset for designing the brand’s visual elements, including logo, typography, and other branding materials. Adobe’s suite allowed for the creation of high-quality, distinctive designs that embody the brand’s luxurious essence.

Team & Collaboration

The project’s success was heavily reliant on the dynamic collaboration between my role as the brand developer and the Laveña Luxe Interiors stakeholders, including the founder and key team members. Regular meetings and feedback sessions ensured that the evolving brand perfectly encapsulated the vision and values of Laveña Luxe Interiors. The collaborative effort extended to working with a freelance photographer for authentic imagery and a web development specialist to implement the technical aspects of the site. This collective endeavor fostered a deep understanding and translation of Laveña’s ethos into a tangible brand identity and digital experience, highlighting the importance of teamwork in realizing the project’s objectives.

Inspired by Laveña Luxe Drapery.

SEO Research and Implementation for My Portfolio
Showcased in this image is the exquisite drapery treatments by Laveña Luxe Interiors, a prime source of inspiration for the brand. Each piece highlights the use of high-quality fabrics that exude an upscale feel, perfectly embodying the elegance and sophistication. The rich textures and refined color palette not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also reflect the craftsmanship and attention to detail that were central to my design approach.

Outcome & Results.


The client received a comprehensive suite of deliverables that encompassed every aspect of brand identity creation. This included a bespoke logo that reflects Laveña’s luxury and craftsmanship, a defined color palette and typography that communicate the brand’s elegance, and a set of branding guidelines that ensure consistency across all platforms. Additionally, a fully customized website built on WordPress using Divi Builder, enriched with visually stunning imagery and engaging content, was developed to serve as the digital cornerstone of the brand’s identity.


Enhanced Brand Recognition: The meticulous branding efforts led to increased recognition in the luxury interiors market, establishing Laveña Luxe Interiors as a hallmark of quality and elegance.

Increased Engagement: The new website saw a remarkable uptick in visitor engagement, thanks to its user-centric design and intuitive navigation, translating into higher inquiry rates and customer interaction.

Positive Feedback: Both clients and industry peers have lauded the brand’s aesthetic and digital presence, highlighting the success in capturing Laveña’s essence and market positioning.


This project underscored the importance of a cohesive brand strategy that aligns with the company’s core values and market aspirations. We learned the value of deep collaboration with stakeholders to truly encapsulate a brand’s identity and the effectiveness of leveraging cutting-edge tools and technology to bring a creative vision to life. The project also reinforced the significance of flexibility and adaptability in the face of evolving brand development needs.