Austin Allie

Brooklyn, NY

A dynamic and innovative marketing professional with experience in brand strategy, website development, creative leadership, and beyond. My strategic approach to digital marketing is enriched by a proven track record of leading creative teams to exceed project goals, driving both brand growth and digital engagement. Leveraging a blend of creativity and analytics, I deliver integrated marketing solutions that elevate brand presence and foster meaningful connections.


Work History.

Marketing Manager

Midtown Dental Group
New York, NY
2021 – Present

‣Crafted engaging storytelling via social media video content with a particular focus on Instagram, resulting in a 63% increase in new patients.

‣Successfully developed and managed Meta and Google PPC advertising campaigns, driving an 88% decrease in CPC.

‣Led web development initiatives with an emphasis on cross-selling cosmetic services.

‣Implemented SEO strategies, email marketing campaigns, blog posts, and social media strategies that contributed to a 30% increase in average patient LTV.

‣Established standard operating procedures (SOPs) to streamline marketing operations.


New York, NY
2019 – 2021

‣Created and edited captivating content in a variety of formats for a world-class digital media property with over 200 million unique monthly visitors.

‣Developed viral content formats and frames targeting Gen-Z and Millennial audiences, driving high engagement.

‣Implemented SEO strategies to optimize content discoverability, contributing to a rise in organic traffic and enhancing the discoverability of content across various search engines and social platforms.

‣Actively participated in editorial meetings, pitching timely stories based on relevant pop-culture trends.

Content Strategist

Practice Café
Austin, TX
2018 – 2018

‣Collaborated with Design, SEO, & Web Development teams to optimize content strategies, ensuring a harmonious blend of creativity and functionality that resonated across various marketing channels.

‣Authored original and creative content tailored for diverse marketing avenues, showcasing a knack for crafting engaging narratives that effectively communicated brand messages and resonated with target audiences.

‣Applied keen eye for detail to meticulously proofread, edit, and enhance both print and digital content, resulting in elevated quality and consistency across all materials.

‣Co-managed blogs alongside the Content Manager for an extensive portfolio of over 200 clients, implementing effective content strategies to enhance online presence and engagement.

‣Demonstrated proficiency in a range of technical skills including WordPress, Adobe Illustrator, and HTML, contributing to the seamless execution of digital content initiatives and leveraging technology for optimal results.

Associate Producer

Enterprising People
Austin, TX
2017 – 2018

‣Spearheaded the strategic planning and implementation of grant development, resulting in successful grant applications and funding for key projects.

‣Led the creative direction by conceptualizing and constructing compelling storylines for the documentary “Stewed, Screwed, and Tattooed,” showcasing a keen ability to craft engaging narratives that resonate with audiences.

‣Devised and executed innovative online marketing campaigns for projects, leveraging digital platforms to increase project visibility and engagement

‣Played a pivotal role in streamlining post-production processes, ensuring the timely delivery of high-quality final materials for several projects, demonstrating strong organizational and project management skills.

‣Captured the energy of live music events through skillful video and photography, producing visually compelling and memorable content that contributed to enhanced project presentations and promotional material.

Creative Director

Lifetime Vision Care
Austin, TX
2016 – 2018

‣Conceptualized and executed engaging social media content across Facebook and Instagram, resulting in a 78% increase in audience engagement over the course of my tenure.

‣Designed and implemented impactful email marketing campaigns, leveraging data-driven insights to enhance targeting and achieve a 33% rise in click-through rates.

‣Spearheaded a comprehensive overhaul of the company website, implementing modern design elements, user-friendly navigation, and SEO – resulting in an increase in website traffic of more than 120%.

‣Actively collaborated with external frame and lens brands, forging strategic partnerships to develop marketing strategies aligned with style guide best practices for both physical and digital design assets, ensuring a cohesive and visually compelling representation across all channels.


The University of Texas in Austin

2013 – 2016

Bachelor of Arts in Rhetoric & Writing
Minor in Creative Writing
Creative Writing Honors Project


Hard Skills

‣ Brand Development
‣ Web Development
‣ Content Strategy
‣ Email Marketing
‣ Graphic Design

‣ Copywriting & Editing
‣ UX/UI Design
‣ Digital Advertising
‣ AMA & APA Style
‣ Social Media Marketing
‣ Data Analysis

Soft Skills

‣ Creative Strategy
‣ Team Management
‣ Great Communicator
‣ Collaboration
‣ Adaptibility
‣ Critical Thinking

‣ Time Management
‣ Flexibility
‣ B2B & B2C Experience
‣ Dependability
‣ Problem Solving
‣ High Standards

Technical Proficiencies

‣ Adobe Photoshop
‣ Adobe Illustrator
‣ Adobe InDesign
‣ Adobe Premiere
‣ Adobe After Effects
‣ Google Ads
‣ Google Analytics
‣ Google Tag Manager
‣ Google Optimize
‣ CallRail
‣ Meta Business Suite
‣ Meta Ads Manager
‣ LinkedIn Campaign Manager

‣ TikTok For Business
‣ TikTok Ads
‣ Mailchimp
‣ WordPress
‣ Divi
‣ Semrush
‣ YouTube Studio
‣ Hubspot
‣ Blender
‣ Ableton Live
‣ Yelp For Business
‣ Asana
‣ ClickUp